Why We Love Design (and you should too!)

We do this amazing thing called ‘Design’ using a team full of creative minds whose sole aim is to make this world a more colorful place.

Do you know what Design does to us?

It makes us Crazy. It makes us go Wild.

At Optima Designs, we don’t just work, we’re passionate about our work.

Designing is never a job for us. It’s a beautifully crafted story. Each client we welcome has a story to narrate. We listen to our clients as they tell us what they want their story to be, then we sit with our team over coffee and brainstorm how we can make the client’s story creative, more appealing, and most of all totally unique. And we do it all over it again each time, for every client. We don’t ever repeat a concept that has been used before.

And finally, when the story is narrated, we make sure it really captures the hearts and minds of the intended audience.

And we get to celebrate our creative outputs. The satisfaction we get from designing amazing, award winning Annual Reports, year-end materials, coffee table books, digital publications and much more is immeasurable.

We don’t draft our designs, rather we carefully craft our designs. That’s what makes our designers SPECIAL.

So, if you’re looking for someone to fulfill your design needs in a creative and professional way, you know whom to approach. We love every aspect of design, and when you are passionate about something or someone you tend to give it your best. At Optima Designs, love of what we do makes us addictive, obsessive, and a bunch of perfectionists.  Love is beautiful, so is designing!

Let us help you share a little bit of love. Come along and talk to us. Let’s create something beautiful together.

Optima Designs is a professional design and print agency comprised of experts in our field, with many years in the industry. We cater to a range of corporate entities, blue-chip companies and NGOs which encompass diverse fields. While possessing expertise in Annual Reports, we are a dynamic agency that undertakes a wide variety of products that require specialized design and quality printing. We also do a variety of marketing materials, PR and digital design, plus audio visual productions.

So, if you think it’s time to craft something beautiful, call us on +94 011 2 575 669 or 0778 277 033.

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