These 5 Things Can Give you Repeat Business

More often than not, organisations concentrate on gaining new business and finding new contacts. But, in fact, equal or more time should be spend on retaining the existing client base.  In general long standing clients will cost you significantly less than the process of gaining new ones.

A repeat client can be an ambassador for your company’s brand image and provide positive endorsement to the public about your company.

This graph shows how important it is for an organisation to count retained clients for the survival of the company in the long run.

So how do you retain your clientele? Here are five guidelines you should follow.

Attention to Detail

Very often the one thing organisations fail to achieve is being meticulous. When the organisation is servicing a client’s need, it is vital to give precise attention to every detail of the client’s specifications. For example, if a web designer is developing a website for a client, the developer should give utmost attention to spacing, spelling, consistency, sizes and images the client has requested. Every small detail matters. This leads to perfection in the final product which maximises client satisfaction and eventually leads to client loyalty.

Excellent Client Servicing

Whether you are in the service or product industry, a company should have a dedicated, talented and well-trained client servicing team. Client servicing is a critical part of the company. To attain excellence in client servicing, a company should follow the suggestions below:

  • Don’t say ‘no’ – most clients today are up-to-date and smart enough about the new trends and initiatives taking place in the world. Therefore never say ‘no’ to a client; instead always offer some kind of alternate solution to the problem without turning off a client.
  • Be proactive – be knowledgeable about the client’s business. Before you meet a client or pitch a business proposal, a client servicing agent should have knowledge about the market trends and changes taking place in the particular industry in order to actively engage with the client. This would give the client a positive impression about the agent which would result in winning the business.
  • Be a mind reader – being a client servicing agent implies that you have to envision a client’s next inquiry (and the one after that) and respond in a way that answers possible resulting requests, concerns, and problems. Make it so natural and easy on the client that they should simply say ‘yes’ or ‘no’ and the relationship will grow.
  • Treat it like it’s your own business – show genuine concern and give your fullest support as a client servicing agent in order to assist your clients in the best possible way.

Choose your Suppliers Carefully

Sometimes it’s not the fault of the organisation which results in a bad experience for the client. It may be the irresponsibility of the supplier. For example, an education institute can offer excellent services to the client yet if the outsourced printing agency hasn’t done a good job with the study materials, then the overall quality of the client experience may decrease. Therefore a company should pay more attention to getting reliable suppliers.

Remember Clients on Special Days

Remember your clients on their birthdays, anniversary, promotions, festivals, and holidays by sending a card or email or calling them to wish them on those special occasions. These gestures towards the client are also a great follow up tool.

Know your Competition and Work to Exceed Expectations

An organization should always be vigilant about the competitor market. What does the competitor offer to the market and how it is catering to the needs of the clients? Why might clients go to the competition over your organization? What are the best practices your organisation can adopt to serve your clients better than the rest of the market? Prepare to be versatile and adaptable in accordance with developments in the industry. Clients will need to know they’re getting the best in the market by utilising your organization. If an organisation can develop this level of trust in its clients they will come back to you – don’t give them a reason not to!

Overall, if an organisation takes care of its clients, provides great personalised attention and offers a quality service, a client will remain as a loyal, repeat client. And a retained client is more profitable than a new one.

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