All writers in general deal with dos and don’ts when operating in the publishing industry. As a young writer he or she has to be cautious about what they reveal to the audience regarding the content. It all depends on how people absorb the written piece into their perspective. Human beings are all given a choice in life to accept anything at all depending on how presentable the option looks. The choice they make reflects their autonomy, agency and capacity to shape their lives and the world around them.

The Do’s in the world of publishing depend on the type of genre and market you are working with. As we are now living in a very modern industry, it would be best to research the trends, reader preferences and titles in particular genres that will adapt with your schedule.  Once you have set down your piece of writing make sure to invest in a professional editor as he/she can enhance the quality of your manuscript, improving clarity, coherence and overall readability. Getting in touch with agents, editors and fellow authors can open doors to publishing opportunities. Attend writing conferences, workshops and other events related to writing to build relationships and gain discernment into the industry.

Punctuality in the publishing industry is crucial! To reach an audience over a period of time has to be done by adhering to submission guidelines. Failure to show respect to follow guidelines results in your manuscript being rejected without any contemplation. This industry can be very competitive on a level where rejection becomes a common part of one’s life. You have to be in a mindset to remain resilient in the face of setbacks and keep pushing forward.  There’s not one soul that doesn’t dream of being unsuccessful! Humble yourself to learn from better readers, writing groups and professional editors who are more experienced as there is no doubt about you exhaling in the field of publishing once you learn from your mistakes as well as the mistakes of others.

The don’ts in the publishing industry follow up a bit like this. Never neglect the fact that manuscripts have to undergo an editing process as the absence or rush of editing can harm the quality of the hard work you have put in. As a writer you will get criticized along the way but you have to make up your mind that not everyone will like what you do. Accept the feedback with grace as it can hinder growth as authors! Avoid submitting your work to markets that do not represent your genre or style. Plagiarism is a big NO in publishing as the consequences are much that you can be out of a job. Writers have to be reminded of the legal and ethical implications of plagiarism and copyright infringement. Comparison is not an easy obstacle to overcome but as a person you have to work on loving who you are and what you do!

Writers should not compare themselves to other writers as each author’s path is different. They should encourage each other to stay informed, persistent and resilient on their publishing journey!

Mavinka Gunaratne

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