Graphic design encompasses into a kaleidoscope of designs, each having an independent role and catering to different needs.  The word “Graphic” refers to any visual element, artwork or representation that conveys information, ideas or emotions through visual means.  “Design” on the other hand encompasses the idea of creating and planning something with a specific purpose or intention in mind.

With AI being the newly discovered technology that enables machines to perform tasks that only require the assistance of human intelligence, ranging from a plethora of mundane functions such as cutting and pasting crafts to digitally creating handiworks, AI has advanced alarmingly, to the point in which people literally plonk themselves in front of the computer, expecting AI to solve any technical problems that may arise. It also offers to enhance productivity, creativity and efficiency within a graphic design company.

A few of the software systems that are being used within the design firm are Adobe Creative Cloud suites such as; Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign. Additionally, graphic design companies use a variety of software tools which are commonly used on a daily basis. These applications are mainly utilized for editing and manipulating images, as well as creating logos, icons, illustrations and typography. It’s widely used in industries like branding, advertising and publishing.

Without a doubt, graphic design is indeed a broad and multi-faceted field that encompasses various aspects of visual communication. Some key areas within graphic design are; print design, digital design, typography and packaging design. Since we are now living in the digital based era in which life and living are more often that not controlled by the proverbial click of a button-one is spoilt for choice even in the sphere of graphic design with a variety of options are available. In the past, design was done limited to manual drawings, paintings and sketchings. These techniques required a higher level of skill, craftsmanship and attention to detail. The introduction to technology has now transformed many aspects of graphic design offering new possibilities for automation, efficiency and innovation in the field.

The impact graphic design has on our society is spread across various aspects of life- influencing culture, communication, commerce and social change. It unravels new pathways and builds up bonds within companies as it plays a critical role in creating inclusive and accessible user experiences across digital and physical environments.

The reason we are able to design is largely due to historical developments which continue to influence contemporary design practices and inspire future design practices. In summary the chronicle of graphic design is significant for its impact on visual communication, creativity and technology. It shapes how we interact with the people around, influencing behavior, decisions and experiences in profound ways!

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