How to Develop a Champion Mindset?

‘Champions are not the ones who always win races – champions are the ones who get out there and try. And try harder the next time. And even harder the next time. ‘Champion’ is a state of mind. They are devoted. They compete to beat themselves as much if not more than they compete to best others. Champions are not just athletes.’ – Simon Sinek

Indeed, being a champion in one’s chosen field requires total dedication and commitment. Those who have dedicated commitment toward a goal and succeed at it can become a champion. It’s not necessary to be an athlete in the accepted sense of the word to become a champion. Even in the corporate world, companies demand champions. You have to be a champion in order to succeed in a startup for instance.

When there are champions in a company or any industry they innovate the current structure. Champions achieve small things in a great way. And champions do their work so effectively that they get the attention of those around them. For instance, if a company hires a customer care executive with a champion mindset who does his appointed task in a world-class manner, customers cannot ignore you. Your company will get noticed for its amazing customer service. The world will start loving the company’s offerings.

So how does one build this champion mindset?

Decide – to be a champion

Winners win because they decide to. A champion clearly defines the vision, mission, goals and the end results of a process. Without a clear decision on where you’re heading, you can’t find the routes. A champion studies the strengths and weakness within himself and decides on the best game plan to achieve his goals.

A champion not only drives himself towards the assigned goals, but through passion, positive energy and commitment also brings on board others in the team. If you’ve made a definite decision to become a champion, then you’ve achieved half of the process of becoming one.

Plan – the route to becoming a champion

Once you’ve decided to become a champion, write down your road map to become one. It’s very important to actually write down how you plan to become one.

Sit in a place where you’re totally relaxed and free and start writing all the random thoughts you get. Don’t try to structure your plan at the initial stages. First, enter your raw, uncensored thoughts.

Once you’ve completed your ‘brain dump’ onto paper, extract those ideas into a structured strategic plan. Then break it down as a daily action plan. Set up a timetable indicating what you will do on a particular day to reach your end goal. The digital world is so advanced that you can get many Apps and software which can help you mark, measure and evaluate your activities.

Execute – to get the outcome of a champion

Give life to the plans you have set out. Most people have many plans but fail to execute. Develop the discipline to execute your plans of becoming a champion. Envision your finishing line, envision your end result. Visualise the satisfaction you’ll get once you’ve achieved your end results.

And if your plan ‘A’ fails to reach the end goals, there are another 25 letters in the alphabet. If your plan is not getting you to your goal, change the plan. But not the goal. Sometimes it takes a 2-minute shift in the right direction to finish victorious.

Repeat – of the champion you’ve become

‘Practice is the price paid by the champion to become the champion.’ – Robin Sharma

It’s not about doing well just once. A champion should repeat his or her great work every single day. Constant practice and discipline on the routine of a champion will enable   you to reach your heights in the personal and corporate world.

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