How to Deliver Insanely Great Presentations

In today’s business world there are many charismatic communicators who present their ideas with flair and persuasion. Steve Jobs, Anthony Robbins, Sheryl Sandburg, Oprah Winfrey, Ellen de Generes are among great contemporary communicators who can turn their prospects into customers and going one step further, even turn them into evangelists.

In the presence of such phenomenal talent, how can the rest of us deliver amazing presentations like these personalities? Whether it’s a new product launch, pitching investors, closing deals or educating your audience, you can deliver like a pro if you study their techniques and methods.

Here are some of the winning techniques to follow:

Be passionate
If you’re passionate about what your business offerings are, then you have achieved 80% of your pitch.
Being insanely passionate about your intentions will equip you with the required energy to do your best on stage or on a sales pitch.

Create your story
The audience does not want to listen to boring analytical presentations full of statistics and lengthy sentences. What matters to the audience is your vision, your dream, how you have achieved it (or plan to) and what you can do to help them get there too.

Do not add too many bullet points to your slides as you would in a document. A presentation is all about narrating a story. A story doesn’t have bullet points. A good story has a solid script. Make your story appealing and interesting and craft your PowerPoint matching that story. Humans are wired to listen to stories. Therefore, take them through your journey, your story. Make your audience relate to your experience and vision and make them part of the story by drawing them into your story.

Answer the most important ‘WHY’ question
The audience will want to know why they should buy the product/service/experience you’re selling them. What’s in it for them? As a presenter, you should be eloquent in communicating your answers and thoughts on the pertinent questions directed at you. You need to grab the attention of the audience and provoke enough curiosity so they are eager to engage in your presentation to find out more.

Body language matters
More than half of your impact as a presenter depends upon your body language. On a scale of 0-10 where does your energy level rate as a presenter? Are you energized enough to set the stage on fire or are you still trying to summon your sparkle and energy when you get on the stage? Pump yourself up, get the adrenaline flowing. When you talk faster, louder, deeper, stronger, stand straighter your energy level will be transmitted to your audience as well. Other personal traits like eye contact, humour, a firm handshake also play a significant role in presentation skills. Cultivate and grow all of these skills.

Invest in audience research
Prior to delivering your presentation, do some research on your expected audience. A presenter should have a detailed picture of the needs and interests of his audience in order to pitch effectively. After all, most audiences are utterly self-absorbed and have a very short attention span. They will listen attentively to a presentation only if it contains something appealing and useful to them. So make sure to present your audience with exactly what they need.

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