It’s Time to Influence your Stakeholders

‘The key to successful leadership today is influence, not authority’ – Ken Blanchard

In today’s context, business decisions are always taken based on how influential you can be in the market. If you are a good influencer – then there you go, the business is under your belt. So,

How well are you influencing the market to buy your product?

How well are you influencing your shareholders to invest in your company?

How well are you influencing all your stakeholders to stay put with you?

Questions to reflect on, right? Here are some of our ideas for influencing your potential stakeholders.

You are an influencer, not a pleaser

A good company knows you cannot please everyone. You cannot adhere to everyone’s guidelines. All are not your stakeholders too. A good company knows whom exactly to influence. So identify the key stakeholders that you need to influence.

Influence your stakeholder’s interests

Once you know your key stakeholders, identify why they have become interested in your offerings. Why would your stakeholders pick your offering over the others in the market? What information does your stakeholder need from you to make a decision to be a part of your business dealings? – Identify!!

Now go one step further to influence your stakeholders. Do that extra thing to leave a ‘Wow’ impression on them.

For instance, if it’s your shareholders, they would want to know your financial records before they invest in you, or retain their present investments. Instead of just showing them a bundle of black and white graphs, make it look creative, unique and different. Reap the benefit of ‘return on influence’.

Showcase your strengths

People make business decisions based on Trust. How trustworthy do you appear in the eyes of your stakeholders? Have you captured your strength and stability appropriately in your corporate outputs so that the market knows where you stand?

For instance, one of the main documents showcases your strength is your company’s Annual Report. How influential it is? Do you repeat the same old design style every year? Or do you provide an augmented experience to your stakeholders when they refer to your key financial document?

Tools to influence the market

Financial documents – provides a sense of financial security for the company’s stakeholders

Marketing communication materials –quality helps to develop trust in the market

Corporate identity materials – company branding is your identity

Digital interface of the company – you’re lost if you’re not connected!

PR skills– how can you influence if you get lost in building relationship with your stakeholders?

Now the good news! We at Optima Designs can help you to influence your stakeholders.

We are a professional design and print agency comprised of experts in our field, with many years in the industry. We cater to a range of corporate entities, blue chip companies and NGO’s which encompass diverse fields. While possessing expertise in Annual Reports, we are a dynamic agency that undertakes a wide variety of products that require specialized design and quality printing. We also do a variety of marketing materials, PR and digital design plus Audio Visual productions.

So if you think it’s time to influence your stakeholders, call us on – +94 011 2 575 669 or 0778 277 033.

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